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Deadline January 5

There are several avenues a local business can participate in this event to enjoy many benefits:


Enjoy hundreds of visitors through your front door. Once they pass through what you do with them

is up to you...


  • Sponsor a Winery to pour in your store Friday and/or Saturday. Day License is required by law. If your business and the winery you host are registered on-line by December 31 the Chamber will pay for day use license. 
    Register online and indicate the name of the winery you are hosting and the Chamber will pay for the Day Use license.

  • Place an ad in the Event Souvenir Program

  • Have a demonstrating artist on Friday and Saturday to entertain your customers and keep them within your shop longer.

  • Offer simple refreshments or treats, such as cold drinks, snack foods, candy bowl, etc.

  • Have business cards and brochures ready to give your customers and keep them in touch with you.

  • Put together a raffle drawing of your own for a valued piece of merchandise or basket of items. Have your customers fill in entry forms to capture their email and/or address info for your future advertising efforts.

  • Offer a coupon for a percentage off or specific item that is good for the weekend and to bring them back to your store.

  • Remember to remind your customers that a purchase at your business gives them 5 more chances to win a rafflle prize.


Donate a raffle prize and have your business listed again in the program as a donor as well as the prize would be on display at the main hall all weekend for hundreds of guests to view.


Be a major sponsor. Have your name and logo included on all advertising materials and ads. To Arrange a sponsorship Click here for Coordinator & Chamber Contact Info . The earlier you sign on as a sponsor the more materials and broadcasts you will be included in.


Your participation supports all of this and benefits you with the opportunity to share one on one your merchandise with hundreds of potential patrons. Register Today and become a participant of one of the biggest events in Cambria. Bring hundreds of potential customers through your door in January for as little as $25!


MORE DETAILS: Participating businesses are supplied with a small rubber stamp used to imprint the “Passports” which validates the visitors have seen their business. Each validation earns the visitor an opportunity to win one of many raffle prizes including a grand prize.  Visitor also earns extra raffle tickets for purchases made at participating businesses.


All participating businesses will have an event sign placed in their front window and a colorful flag at their entrance to alert guests the business is part of the Festival.


Businesses may allow space for an artist to set up an easel and/or display their own work If you plan to arrange for your own artist please indicate on the registration and have the artist register online to ensure you receive extra exposure in the program and advertising.


Businesses are encouraged to offer wine tasting on site on Friday and/or Saturday. The business must arrange for their own winery to pour and must purchase a "Day Use License" for each day you plan to pour on site. ($25 per day).


A professionally designed Souvenir “Program/Passport Booklet” will be offered to all visitors. Contact information included for all participating artists, either demonstrating or in the Art Show. List of participating businesses with times visitors may have their Passport stamped.


Proceeds will benefit the overall Community by supporting both the Cambria Chamber of Commerce and The Allied Arts Organization


Click here for Coordinator & Chamber Contact Info